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Now ribbon is not only used in packing or garment. Ribbons for craftsis a trend now.Many person like to buy ribbon to do DIY in their home.So the special and beautiful is more and more popular in the market all over world.

J and P are our new customers in HongKong GiftS&Premium Fair.They select many special ribbons ,such as green metallic ribbon,gold rope and so on.They like our ribbons very much and we also cut many ribbon samples we have for them.

We have many kinds of ribbon for crafts,such as ribbon with gold and silver edge,metallic ribbon,ribbon with gold purl,burlap ribbon with lace,striped ribbon,etc.Some ribbons we also have different color in stock,small minimun quantity are also welcome.Please kindly contact us if you need different kinds of special ribbon. Also you can send me the ribbon picture you are looking for.

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